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Our Services and Price Plans


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Initial Consultation

Complimentary Initial

Consultation and Physio-

logical Measurement

Your initial consultation will take about 60 minutes and includes a thorough physiological review.


Contact me now to book.


1 Session - 60 Minutes

£40.00 Each

1 Standard Session of 60 Minutes

Additional fees apply for Central London and areas not covered.



Better Value

10 Sessions of 60 Minutes -


10 pre paid sessions of 60 minutes each, represents a saving of £40.00 or one complimentary session.

Even Better Value

15 Sessions of 60 Minutes -


15 pre paid sessions of 60 minutes each, represents a saving of £80.00 or two complimentary sessions.

Maximum Value

20 Sessions of 60 Minutes -


20 pre paid sessions of 60 minutes each, represents a saving of £120.00 or three complimentary sessions.

Pushed for Time?

Try my 30 minute plan

I will design a progressive training programme using just 30 minute sessions. This is very effective and will get you the maximum possible  fitness gains in the shorter time.


Contact me for more information.

Other Options

Need Something Different?

Need to get in shape fast for a wedding, holiday, photo shot or casting? Contact me.

Looking for extra firepower for an important competition? Contact me, regarding Altitude training.

Looking to incentivise, energise or motivate your staff? Contact me for corporate work, classes and rewards.

Run a sports club and need help with team fitness? Contact me for group sessions.

Physiological Testing

Additional Physiological

Tests £25.00 each

I recommend a complete physio- logical review every 6 - 8 weeks to re-measure your fitness levels and determine improvements made. This will allow me to review and adapt your training programme, and  avoid stagnation and boredom.  

Want some Company?

Train with a friend for more

fun and to split the costs.

For an additional fee of just £15.00 per session I can train you and a friend together using the same programme.


Subject to terms and conditions.


Contact me for more information.