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Hi, my name is Thierry, I am a dedicated, life long sports person and I am passionate about the promotion and benefits of Health and Fitness. I founded Driscoll Fitness to engage my interests and knowledge, to improve peoples lives and to work in a subject that is dear to my heart.

I have over 20 years experience in a top end endurance and power sport, cycling, including competition at Local, Regional, National and International levels. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I am the perfect trainer to help you reach your fitness, health, core strength and weight management goals.

So get in contact today to discuss your goals, and make that first step toward a fitter, stronger, faster, leaner, healthier you.


Mission statement ‘ At Driscoll Fitness  our aim is to promote health, well being and fitness, we will be our clients’ partner in achieving their goals’.

Education, we aim to be informative and educate our clients, as well as keeping ourselves up to date with the latest techniques and research.

Integrity, knowledge and friendliness.

Confidentiality, we will never divulge your information or sensitive data with another party, without your express approval.

Internet Privacy Policy, we will never sell or pass your details on without your approval.

Locations Served and Techniques Used

Location / Areas Served

I am based in the West London area near Twickenham, I cover the following areas;



Techniques Employed

I use a variety of techniques and training methods including;


Advanced Techniques

For Sports people, fitter or more advanced individuals and depending on the clients needs, I can use more advanced techniques;